Days of Summer: Middleton Place

Since today is the last day of summer (sobs), I thought it appropriate to post some photos of one of my very favorite summer evenings. When my family was in Charleston, we took a “wine stroll” through Middleton Place.  Middleton … Continue reading

Where you live is cool.

I’m a firm believer in living it up where you are. I know, I know, I live in Southern California. But I have not always lived in the land of beaches and entertainment. And I’ve visited a lot of places … Continue reading

Charleston: a magical place

This year I had the privilege to go on a dream vacation. Although I’ve been known to be a tad dramatic…I mean dream vacation quite literally. Yes, I’ve gone to Charleston, SC for the past 10 years but this year, … Continue reading

Viva La Mexico!

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I’ve always wanted to say that, “Viva La Mexico!” and actually be in Mexico. Kinda like saying “Aloha!!” in Hawaii because it’s the only place you don’t feel like a total poser. Last weekend, we crossed the border to Mexico, … Continue reading